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Sometimes we can’t see tricky places like big engines, inspect drains, pipes. Endoscope lens camera or Borescoped camera can help us for looking these tricky replaces.
There are some differences between endoscope lens cameras and Borescoped cameras. An Endoscope lens camera is normally used for medical test purposes. Actually, doctors use the endoscope lens camera. Borescope camera features and benefits like endoscope camera. So some people call this Endoscope camera.
Features of Borescope camera
Easy and convenient
Take pictures and record videos
Snake Shape Cable
Easy to handle
Won’t miss any angle
Extra torchlight
Multi-angle inspections
Multifunction accessories (Magnet, Hook)
More Efficient Working
We can find so many endoscopes and borescope cameras in the market. Some borescope came comes with a digital monitor. This type of borescope or inspection camera is so expensive and long-lasting also. Another type of borescope or inspection camera comes with the only cable. We can connect this cable to Android Mobile or Laptop.

Type of Borescope or Endoscope camera:

LCD Screen Borescope
Wireless Borescope
Joystick Borescope
USB Digital Borescope
Articulating Borescope

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